Mongoloid s/t 7"

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Combining the self-destructive vitriol of ‘90s Clevo hardcore like H-100s with the uncompromising leads of the DEAD BOYS, Mongoloid are the perfect synthesis of the rust belt’s seedy rock n’ roll underbelly. Valedictorians in the school of recklessness, these seasoned vets of Midwestern misanthropy have done time in bands like SWEET TOOTH, PIGSTICKER, and ORGANIZED SPORTS, continuing their pentatonic violence into the oh-so-promising future, this time around incorporating more rough-and-tumble east coast elements (I hear some “United Blood” getting donated by unsuspecting audience members) and perhaps some ‘80s DC-caliber explosiveness. Steamy sax solo too. Kick it. Last 10 copies, bye bye 4ever.