The Cowboy LP

Image of The Cowboy LP


Named after the best-dressed character of any David Lynch flick, the Cowboy play an extremely American brand of garage rock music that one might say sonically resembles a moderately fit man flexing on a completely empty beach. Emphasis on Rock, not Roll. Lifting the weight and grinning and not knowing how to put it down. My little league coach hiding little adderalls in my Slush Puppie, making me play center field in the beating sun, my entire adult life chasing the dragon of how smashing that little pre-pubescent home run at the top of the 8th felt. Sounds like Homostupids sans the caustic audience-abuse. About a decade ago I watched the guitarist and bassist of this band come to near fisticuffs over what the finest Guided By Voices album is. And that may be exactly what this record sounds like... Highly recommended.