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Need new music but the internet's just about 3 inches too big? I've been sifting through records all day for a few years now, selling 'em to rich geeks in Brooklyn and landlocked nerds in Massillon and scooping the best minutes onto shitty metallic tape sure to decompose as quick as your shitty face! Very eclectic, not for Punk puritans, soulless Soul connoisseurs or completist sticklers of any persuasion. Drink beer in your garage and count the seconds to oblivion with me. ONE FREE WITH ORDERS OVER $25.


"I Got Soul I Think"(July 2016): Cleaning house. Out with the old. Clifford Jordan, Totalitar, Slave, etc.

"My Name Is Ian And I'm From Minor Threat" (August 2016): Cleaning even MORE of the house. Record collection dwindling. Good riddance. Albert Ayler, Meat Puppets, John Cale, etc.

"Goodbye, Waterface!" (September 2016): Summertime blues Trouble in paradise. John Fahey, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Coltrane, etc.

"Eminem 'Black Lives Mathers' / Radio Birdbrain" (Oct/Nov. 2016): My own private black history month. Eddie Kendricks, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, etc.

"Christ Is Not Cute / Holidaze" (Dec, Jan, Feb '16-'17): Hanging out with childhood friends in a surreal holiday salt & beer binge. Crazy Horse, Temptations, Butthole Surfers etc.

"Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings" (Spring 2017): Rebirth, good vibes. Chrome, Bee Gees, Funkadelic, etc.

"Summer Smells Great (2 Me)" (June 2017): Hangs in that humid stasis. The Kinks, Digable Planets, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

"Different Strokes For Different Folks and So On and So On and Scooby Dooby Doo / End O' Summer" (August 2017): Don't need a cure I need a vinyl fantasy 7. Dramatics LiveFastDie, Lotti Golden, etc.