The Collected Scratch & Sniff Zine

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This is a zine me and some buds did around 2009-2011 with the overarching purpose of herding ye olde Buffaloes into some sort of a hip 2010's music scene, to shake their frozen rusted vessels into even the slightest enthusiasm for current incarnations of Punk rockdom. Get Mugged, Chuck Barrels, Manchovies, and a few other ringers put on quite an involved production, but the theater was empty night after night. I think our fanaticism manifested itself in too poor of attitudes much of the time. But what would Dick Meltzer read like without that pissing-in-the-punch moxie, right? Ah well. At least the process bore these cool zines. For fans of Terminal Boredom, Negative Guest List, early '10s garage spelunking. Spiral Scratch has bitten the dust but the hopeful times we spent hanging out, shooting the shit and doing this zine are priceless for me. You'll probably like it too. Here's what mah boy Richie the compiler had to say:

Back before there was a TERMBO print edition, there was SCRATCH'N'SNIFF zine from the minds behind Termbo and Treble High, Talent Low (aka RK and BG) - Issues 1 and 2 have been out of print for years, and now the long thought dead THIRD ISSUE has been finished off, to put the final nail in the coffin of Buffalo's finest era.

All three issues are packed into a beautiful lino-cut printed envelope (various colorways, all unique) and hand-numbered to 50 copies. 3 full size zines for the NICE PRICE.

Individual copies of issue #3 are available as well for those who were in on the ground floor.

ISSUE #1 = 28 pages, new blue cover, contains the highly controversial (and highly stupid) Rot Shit interview (which was later censored by MRR), plenty of Rotcore coverage (Braincar interview and Brett's Top Albums) plus writing on/for Lux Interior, Homostupids, Sky Saxon, Lincoln Street Exit, and reviews. Winter 2009-10.

ISSUE #2 = 24 pages with new yella cover. Interviews with John Sharkey III,Rational Animals, Brimstone Howl, Hollywood plus stuff on Bohemian Vendetta, Homostupids, record reviewing and editorial yammer. Summer 2010.

ISSUE #3= the lost issue unearthed! 20 pages! Interviews with The Saints (!!!), Feeling of Love, Meat Thump, plus writing about Homostupids. Les Rallizes Denudes, Billy Piranha & The Enemies, record review section, editorial/remembrance, plus Aussie coverage from Brendan Annesley of Negative Guest List. The end of the story.....

Assorted era-appropriate fliers/stickers will be included in collection versions while supplies last.

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